The Venus Factor – The Best Weight Loss Program for Women?

If you’re looking for diet plans for women you’ll definitely be overwhelmed with the choices since there’s so many of them now. At this point you’re anxious to get back in shape, and experimenting with one diet program after another isn’t going to cut it. Fortunately, your choices don’t have to be complicated. The Venus Factor review – All facts in one place.

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Venus Factor diet planEat Fruits and Vegetables

One weight loss program you can try is to simply eat more fruits and vegetables. While this method is nothing new, it is tried and tested. As you probably know by now, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, and they can also help your body fight diseases. But more than that, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and water so you’ll feel full and won’t feel the urge to eat more food. There’s also the aforementioned fact that fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients essential for the female body to flourish.

However, while this method can work, it’s not what you would call the best weight loss program as women today simply don’t eat as many fruits and vegetables as they should. And even if you wanted to, it’s just not practical to simply go on a full diet of fruits and vegetables.

Fortunately there is a better and more effective alternative, and unlike other diet programs that make assumptions about your physical condition and weight, this one doesn’t.

The Venus Factor (VF)

Venus Factor LogoWhat makes this diet program different from the others is that it has been designed especially for women, so you don’t have to worry whether the guidelines and instructions here are suitable for you.

At the heart of the program is the Venus index, which is completely customizable. What it does is take your height, hip and waist measurements into consideration so that the program will be able to generate the right measurements for your body. And this is one reason why it is one of the few weight loss programs that work since it doesn’t use a general, one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the female body.

This isn’t a miracle program that will help you lose weight overnight, but it does work and is based on sound scientific principles and has been tried and tested. If you follow the instructions that are given in the program, you’ll end up with a beautiful, feminine body.

Ideally, the waist should be equivalent to 38% of your height, and you then multiply this by 1.42 to get your ideal hip size. Finally you multiply the waist figure by 1.618 to get the best possible shoulder measurement. Once you have those figures you can use the Venus index and decide how to get the shape you desire.

Fortunately, this won’t be that difficult since the Venus program will guide with regards to exercise and diet. Because of this unique approach, every element in the program is customizable and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

What’s in the Program?

As the Venus Factor reviews point out, the package includes several components that are based on the Venus index. Apart from the booklet / index guide, you also get the Body Centric Eating Guide, which is the section of the system that instructs you how to eat so you’ll get the body shape you want. What the Venus index does is calculate the number of calories you have to take relative to your body measurements.

Because of this approach, some women will be required to limit their calorie intake to lose extra pounds, but skinny women may be asked to put on more weight. But apart from that, the Venus Factor diet includes a detailed workout manual plan and schedule. The workout program spans 12 weeks divided into three phases lasting four weeks apiece.

The Venus Factor program

Each phase includes specific plans and routines, and there are videos, pictures and illustrations to help you out. This is one of the best parts of the entire program as the instructions are very clear, ensuring you’re doing everything right. Naturally the focus of the program is on keeping body fat down, but the workouts will also sculpt and tone your body via resistance training. The workout and diet work very well together and as reviews indicate, they do produce results.

Of particular interest here is the workout plan, as they contain high intensity workouts and high intensity interval training (HIIT). This is one of the most significant features on the program, and it is what sets it apart from others.

If you’re not familiar with HIIT, they’re special types of workouts where characterized by a short, powerful routines followed by brief periods of rest. While this may go against the traditional way of working out, it has been scientifically tested and proven to work. While the diet aspect of VF should not be ignored, this is without question one of the reasons why it is so successful.

A Combination of Diet and Workouts

The VF isn’t the only program claiming it can transform your body and make it sexy and attractive. However, what makes the VF different is it combines workouts with diet in such a way that you get the results you want in the quickest time possible. it should also be pointed out that the VF works for women with different body types regardless of how heavy or skinny you are.

As indicated above, the main tool used here is your body ratio, and by performing simple calculations you’ll be able to get the figures necessary to jumpstart the program.

Membership with the Venus Community

The package also grants you access to the Venus community of women who are using the program. While the program works well on its own, the addition of the community makes it more convenient to use. Even if you’re working at home, the community provides you with the kind of moral support and social dynamics you’d expect when working out in a gym.

There is a lot of information packed in the program, but the community extends that, and you could learn so much more. This is one feature that you won’t get from other weight loss programs so it’s definitely a bonus.

What Dieters Say About the VF

Of course it is one thing for a company to make claims that their product can do this or that, but what it really comes down to is the opinion of the women who tried it. Based on the reviews however, the VF works as well as expected and in some cases exceeded the expectations of the reviewers.

One reviewer, Donna of Michigan, said she had tried a lot of weight loss programs before but it was only the Venus Factor that was able to give her the body she had always wanted. Unlike other diet and workout schemes, she noted that the VF was easy to get into. Another reviewer, Mimi of Oregon also wrote a detailed review of the product in her blog, and she said the workouts were exhilarating and a lot of fun.

The Venus Factor review

There are a lot of other positive reviews for the VF that may be mentioned here. Valerie of Sacramento also provided feedback about the program, and she said that the workouts and diet didn’t take as much out of her as did other weight loss programs. She also pointed out that the workout plan is detailed and gave her body a new and completely different look.

Joanna of Philadelphia also had nothing but positive comments about the Venus Factor, and she was particularly happy about the fact that the VF doesn’t require you to give up your favorite food. As she pointed out, you can still eat them in limited amounts, which is how it should be anyway. This was echoed by Erika of Houston, Texas who was amazed by how convenient it was to perform the workouts from the comforts of home.

Also worth mentioning here is the review of Jodie from Illinois who mentioned the instructions outlined in the VF are very clear and that she had no difficulty following it. In her review, Jodie detailed how she went through the four phases in the program and in the end, she got the results she wanted.

Reading all these reviews, there are several things that become apparent. The first is that most of the reviewers agree that the program works and will give women the kind of body they want. Second, while the system is challenging, it isn’t the kind that will cause injury and is actually easy to learn. The other thing of course, is that the exercises can be performed without the need for any special equipment or gear.

Pros and Cons

All diet programs have their pros and cons, and this one is no exception.


  • The balance between diet and workouts is very good
  • The learning curve isn’t steep and you can pick it up right away
  • Instructions are very clear
  • Exercises are easy to learn
  • Unlike other diet programs, the Venus index won’t require you to count calories endlessly or starve or give up your favorite foods
  • There’s a 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the results you get your money back, no questions asked
  • You only need to do the workouts three times a week, a welcome change from others that will have you working out a sweat five to six days a week
  • The workouts contain different routines that refine different parts of your body. In addition, the varying routines ensure boredom won’t set in.
  • The weightlifting and muscle building exercises are comprehensive


  • You need to follow the program to the letter to get the best results
  • Some of the more advanced exercises may be difficult, but if you follow the directions sequentially, it won’t be an issue
  • This isn’t for women looking for a shortcut as you still need to do some workouts

This program is not for women with health problems and if you have a bone injury of any kind, consult your doctor first before attempting any of these exercises. The routines are safe, but it’s best to be sure.

Venus Factor accessConclusion

The Venus Factor system is a very good diet and weight loss program. It has received a lot of positive reviews online from woman who say that it really works. The system it’s using is unique but it delivers, and there are many reasons why the program works, but chiefly it comes down to the fact that it has been designed for women, unlike other systems which are meant for men.

Because the program has taken this approach, there’s no major adjustment required. There are a lot of other positive features about the program that are worthy of mention here. The videos are very clear and helpful as are the images, making it easier for women to achieve the results they want.

Furthermore, the scientific basis of the program is solid and has been verified by numerous clinical trials and tests. If you’re among those who don’t get easily convinced by reviews, then the scientific evidence supporting the VF should.

And again, one should be reminded that the VF is one of the few, if not the only, weight loss regimen for women that uses your body measurement to determine the ideal workout and diet for you. In short, it’s been customized to meet your body’s specific requirements, so it’s not forced.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a weight loss program that truly works, this one is your best option. If you have tried the usual fruit and vegetable diet but haven’t gotten the body weight and shape you desire, then the Venus Factor program is exactly what you need.

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