Rump Out Of The Door And Move To Lose Weight With Daily Routines

Effective weight loss routines

So you think that the most effective workout has to take place in the gym, in the fitness class, or in front of the T.V. with a workout DVD playing?  (Please don’t take offense, Exercise Gurus!)  Does working out always have to involve the pouring of blood, sweat, and tears?  Well, guess again!  You have to mix it up a little in order to stay the course in regard to exercising.

Studies (and common sense) have shown that for a person to maintain interest in an exercise program for long term weight loss and fitness, he or she has to add a little variety and not stick to the same routine over and over. The mundane monotonous workout would get old rather quickly if you do not try something new every now and then.  Then next thing you know, you go back to making excuses not to exercise.  This is not a good idea when trying to create a permanent lifestyle change in which moving around is part of your daily agenda.  So here are some ideas for throwing in a little variety into your exercise regimen.

Dance, dance, dance!

When you’re a twenty-something millennial, the club is the perfect spot to burn off calories to your favorite tunes and socialize at the same time.  So on the weekend, if the Saturday jog in the park seems rather dull or mall-walking isn’t quite your thing, then step for a couple of hours in the evening with some friends and go cut a rug (or  go out and dab or whatever).  You’re guaranteed to get your heart rate going while out on the dance floor.

Dance to lose weight

On the other hand, what if you’re a member of Generation X who “grew out of” the club scene twenty years ago?  No worries!  Try something exciting with your spouse or significant other—dance lessons.  Ballroom dancing, for instance, is growing in popularity, and with a bit of searching, you might be able to find some lessons at a community center or a studio.

If you want an extra challenge, try an upbeat tempo.  You will enjoy the energetic mix of merengue, mambo, salsa, and other Latin styles.  The pacing fluctuates during an average 45 to 60 minute session, and the beat is so contagious that you’ll forget that it’s an actual class.   Once you lose yourself in the fiesta-like atmosphere, you’ll need not worry if your moves are not exact because nobody is going to notice.   Most of all, you gain the calorie-burning, stress-busting effects of a cardio workout but without the shock to the joints.

Conquering the Great Outdoors

For the nature lovers, hiking and all-terrain bicycling are great options.  Climbing up hills and stepping over rocks or logs make for an excellent strengthening workout for thighs, buttocks and calves, not to mention the cardio aspect due to a higher altitude in some places. Additionally, you get the extra weight of carrying a daypack, which is not as full and heavy as the gear for backpacking to a campsite. So whether you’re walking or pedaling, your heart and lungs will get a much-needed workout, and you’ll burn an average of 200 calories in just thirty minutes because of the uneven surface or walking uphill.

Excercise to lose weight

Also, for safety purposes, make sure you stay hydrated and take plenty of water and refrain from going a farther distance than you actually intended.  Additionally, depending on your calorie intake (especially while on the HCG diet) and overall state of health, you might think about starting small with less demanding trails while on foot or on bike, particularly if this is your first hike or bike ride.  For obtaining a list of trails and maps, you can contact your state’s bureau of land management or state parks or tourism department.  The information that they can provide usually includes details regarding location and the intensity of a trail so that you are informed enough to determine the best route.

Braving the Elements

If winter is your favorite season, and a little snow (or three feet) doesn’t scare you, then take advantage of the opportunity.  Cross-country skiing is a very exciting and challenging sport and boosts the heart rate while building muscle.  Snowshoeing is also a great activity that allows you to take in the beautiful winter wonderland scenery.  Even sledding or tubing is a fun alternative to the elliptical or treadmill while working the same muscle groups along with the heart and lungs, and don’t forget ice skating or hockey at the local rink (if you live in such a region).

Better yet, you’re getting the kids off of the couch as well and setting the tone for the whole family as to how important exercise is for maintaining good health.  Another idea to remember is that if some of these activities, like skiing, are rather costly, then simply take advantage of the winter weather to go out and have a good old-fashioned snowball fight.  Playing with the youngsters will indeed keep you young and fit!

Pick Your Favorite “Polo”

Marco Polo, water polo—take your pick.  Cooling off in the pool is one the best ways to pass the dog days of summer.  Again, this is a great diversion the whole family can enjoy.  For those who are unattached, there’s always lap swimming.  Nonetheless, the heart rate will increase, and major muscle groups, including your core and back, will gain some effective conditioning. Another option is water aerobics since some communities offer classes at the outdoor pools during the summer months.

Supplement your weight loss

For more muscle-building power, try the aquatic version of Zumba known as Aqua Zumba.  The routines and moves can be adapted to the pool with advantages similar to water aerobics classes—but with the exuberant rhythmic music!  The water allows for more resistance for strength training without the harsh impact on the back and knees while getting your heart rate up.  And don’t let the water’s temperature fool you because you will be burning an average of 300 calories during an hour-long class.  Just remember to pack along plenty of sunscreen and water if utilizing an outdoor pool.

Anytime you try a new workout plan while taking HCG drops diet or any pills. Always remember to schedule the dosing of your drops or pills around your workout time or vice versa because ideally, nothing should be ingested for half an hour before or after taking the dosage. I heard hcg complex is the most used drops in 2016. But make sure to go through HCG complex reviews before taking them.

Keeping up with this practice can be quite beneficial since HCG is the hormone that tends to “regulate” other hormones, and exercise promotes the production of endorphins in the brain while more exposure to sunlight (wear sunscreen!) increases Vitamin D levels.  All of this feel-good fine tuning along with a plenty of water and a perfect diet will greatly enhance your weight loss journey.