Planned Weight Loss with Nutrisystem Diet: Does Nutrisystem Work?

The truth of the matter is that there is a great need for a plan such as the planned weight loss with Nutrisystem. The only question is – does Nutrisystem work to help you lose weight?We are gonna find out in this article.

According to just about every expert in the US, most people in the country need to lose weight. The US has more than two thirds of its people weighing more than they should. In fact, this is a worldwide problem. According to the World Health Organization, in 2014 about 1.9 billion people were overweight, and 600 million of them were obese.

But if it is easy to lose weight, more people would have succeeded in shedding pounds. The fact is that it’s not easy to figure out what foods to eat, how much of these foods, how often, and they should be prepared. And what about supplements and workout sessions? Figuring out the right diet that actually works can be difficult enough, but adding the task of figuring which workout regimen should be taken is simply too much.

So now we come to the Nutrisystem diet.

Nutrisystem weight loss systemGoals and Principles

This planned weight loss system claims that you’ll lose 5 pounds right away in your first week. Then each week after that, you’ll lose a pound or two until you reach your ideal weight for your body.

The Nutrisystem diet acknowledges the fact that it is difficult to determine by yourself what kind of foods to eat and how large a portion you can take for each food. That’s why they’ve taken the responsibility off your hands, and they’ve come up with a Nutrisystem menu which offers meals you can simply eat with the directions they give you. With Nutrisystem, the food is chosen and prepared, the portions are determined, and the dishes are delivered to your doorstep. You’re essentially told what to eat and when to eat.

With this system, your calorie is intake is virtually guaranteed, and that’s the key to weight loss. So how does it really work?

You’re presented with the Nutrisystem menu, and for each meal you’re offered choices between the options available for you. These choices are for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. So for example, you may choose between having an Italian herb flatbread pizza for breakfast, or you may get a burrito instead. Your choices all depend on which plan you choose. There’s a different Nutrisystem plan for men, women, diabetics, seniors, and vegetarians.

The chosen food items show an emphasis on food items with a low glycemic index. The bedrock principle here seems to be that an important factor in weight loss is maintaining blood sugar levels. The meals and snacks are 55 to 60 percent good carbs, and protein and fats comprise 20 to 25 percent each. All in all, every day you’re allowed to consume 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day.

That doesn’t mean all your meals come from Nutrisystem, however. You’re still required to go grocery shopping for all those fruits and vegetables, along with dairy products and protein sources. These are the items that are supposed to complement the packaged meals from Nutrisystem. Multivitamins are recommended as well.

For extra support, you get counseling through the phone. A dietician is available for weekly online classes, and you’re offered tracking tools as well.

You’re also encouraged to exercise, although this is not strictly required. It just means you give the Nutrisystem plan a better chance of working. For exercise, you’re supposed to engage in daily physical activity every day for at least half an hour. You can break this up into three 10-minute periods.

The Nutrisystem site also offers exercise programs for beginners as well as for those in the intermediate and advanced workout levels. Each program comes with detailed explanations of the stretches and exercises you’re supposed to perform. You’re also encouraged to lift weights and get together with other Nutrisystem customers in your area for sports activities.

Once you’re ready to get out of the Nutrisystem program, you’re guided through the process so you don’t gain back the pounds you’ve lost. You’re taught how to prepare your meals yourself, and you’re also given pointers on eating out.

Advantages to Nutrisystem

The Nutrisystem takes the convoluted decision-making out of your hands when it comes to figuring out what to eat. So all you need to do is to make simple choices from the few options offered to you. You don’t have to painstakingly figure out how many calories each dish contains, and preparation is a cinch. All you need to do is to heat the meals delivered to you.

You won’t feel all that hungry with this diet as well. Even though the entrees are smaller, you get protein and lots of veggies to make you feel full for longer. One survey involving 9,600 Nutrisystem dieters showed that about 80% of them said that their hunger was satisfied.

It should also be easy to stay with the program because of the taste of the food. One survey of 3,500 Nutrisystem dieters in 2010 discovered that 90% were happy about the taste and quality of the food they got. And Nutrisystem listens to its customers, phasing out some products based on feedback and introducing new ones and reformulating old dishes.

Nutrisystem fast 5 smoothies

Nutrisystem discourages eating out, but it has anticipated that many of its customers would not be able to conform to this recommendation totally. So Nutrisystem has a guide for dining out, with recommendations for various cuisines such as French, Italian, and Thai. Several dishes that are served in popular eateries in the country are also recommended.

But does it work? Studies suggest that the Nutrisystem program does work in helping you lose weight. You lose your excess fat, and you also get other health benefits. Your blood pressure is significantly reduced, arterial stiffness is alleviated, and you also reduce your and cholesterol level.

The Nutrisystem plan also conforms to mainstream dietary guidelines. Fat, protein and carbohydrate consumption all fall within norms. All the plans offer less than 2,300 mg of sodium, and for those in high risk groups that need to cut sodium intake to 1,500 mg it’s still possible to meet that limit with more careful choices. Almost all the plans, including the basic adult plans, provide adequate amounts of fiber and calcium.

Disadvantages to Nutrisystem

First of all, this diet plan isn’t for everyone. Nutrisystem itself says that some people should go with their diet plan, and these people include:

  • Pregnant women, who generally need to consult with their doctor instead for their diet.
  • New mothers who are breast feeding an infant who is less than 6 months old or hasn’t yet started on solid foods. However, Nutrisystem does have a diet plan for lactating women.
  • Children under the age of 18, as they’re still growing.
  • People allergic to soy or peanuts, as these ingredients are often found in the Nutrisystem meals.

While there is a vegetarian plan, there is no vegan plan available. There’s also no kosher or halal plan as well. Is Nutrisystem gluten free?  Not quite—in fact, very few of the foods here are gluten-free.

Another problem may be the cost. A plan for 28 days may set you back about $300 to $400, and don’t forget that you still have to go to the grocery. Still, this may be a bargain compared to other diet plans out there. But you may have to be ready to stick with this for 4 months, if you plan to lose 20 pounds. The schedule allows you to lose 4 to 5 pounds each month.

Conclusion – Does Nutrisystem work?

All in all, the Nutrisystem is a great dieting plan choice due to the utter convenience it provides. You just pick each dish or each meal with the click of a mouse button. You can sign up so that the food is delivered and you’re automatically billed.

Never again do you have to wrack your head trying to figure out what to eat and how much. Now you’re sure to eat within your recommended dieting calorie limitations. You don’t have to risk eating too much on a single day.

Does Nutrisystem work? Check my answer

What’s more, you get lots of help. You can track weight loss, meals you’ve taken, and your workouts online. You can start your own blog and write about your experiences, and get comments and suggestions from other Nutrisystem customers. And Nutrisystem also offers counselors for you to talk to, so that you can get some support whenever you’re tempted to get out of the diet prematurely.

So Nutrisystem does work but you’ll need some determination to stick to the Nutrisystem plan, but then again that applies to any diet plan. At least with Nutrisystem, you get food that tastes great and makes you feel full—which are not guaranteed with every diet plan you try.

The cost may be the final hurdle, but in the end, it’s going to be worth it. It’s certainly going to cost you more when your obesity leads to some serious medical condition. With the planned weight loss with Nutrisystem, you get the body you deserve in a safe and healthy way. Does Nutrisystem work? Yes, it does and it is one of the recommended ways of getting on track with your diet.