Saffron Extract Benefits to Your Health Explained

Satiereal saffron extract for weight managementThere is growing scientific evidence proving that saffron extract provides several health benefits including weight loss and treating depression. Learn what saffron benefits are and how it works.

Saffron extract reviews are now all over the Internet, an indication of just how popular it is. Maybe you’ve heard about it and how effective it’s supposed to be for weight loss among other things. Before you buy one of those products however, some understanding of what it can do is in order.

Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) has long been used for cooking and in traditional medicine, but medical researchers and nutritionists have discovered several saffron benefits, which is why they’re now available in supplemental form. Primarily, the extract is effective in promoting weight loss and treating various health conditions.

Effective Weight Loss Supplement

Saffron extractSaffron is best known as a weight loss aid because it reduces your appetite and the craving for a lot of food, and it works by increasing the serotonin level in your brain. Serotonin is the chemical in your brain responsible for regulating mood and eating, so by increasing the chemical level, you’ll no longer feel the urge to overeat.

According to a study done in 2010, 60 overweight women took a saffron supplement every day for eight weeks, while another group took only placebo, also for eight weeks. During the test period both groups’ calorie intake were not regulated, but at the end of the period, those who took the saffron extract lost more weight and found their urge to snack had been reduced.

To understand the saffron extract weight loss you need to go back to the supplement’s effect on serotonin. Simply put, serotonin is one of the most important chemicals in the body related to weight loss and affects how you feel about eating and food.

If your serotonin level is controlled, you’ll feel fuller quickly and reduce the amount of calories you consume. As your cravings are reduced you’ll begin to lose weight, and coupled with regular exercise and diet, you’ll reach the appropriate weight level more quickly. The more pounds you lose the more confident you’ll feel about yourself, so the positive effect of saffron isn’t just physical but emotional too.

A Natural Antidepressant

With saffron you don’t need to learn how to suppress appetite because the supplement does all the work. However, there’s more to it than that since the extract also acts as a natural antidepressant.

A recent study was done involving 40 adults suffering from depression, with one group given saffron supplements and another placebo for six weeks. After six weeks, those who took the saffron extract reported a significant change in their condition for the better, while those in the placebo group reported nothing significant.

Saffron extract weight loss effects

This study echoed the findings of another research published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, where depressed adults that took saffron supplements experienced improvements in their condition. In fact, the improvements were such that it equaled the effect of antidepressant pills.

These studies are not unique, and since these reports were published several scientists and doctors have confirmed its validity. While saffron is still primarily a weight loss supplement, its other benefits cannot be questioned.

A Closer Look at How Saffron Helps You Lose Weight

While saffron has many benefits, it remains best known as one of the best appetite suppressant pills available today. To recap, saffron acts upon the chemicals in your brain connected with appetite and eating, curbing your urge to go on a snack binge. One of the reasons why people gain unnecessary weight is the habit of “comfort eating”, meaning they eat even though they’re not really hungry.

Saffron extract goes after that specific urge and curbs it. This isn’t just an empty claim however, as it’s backed up by numerous scientific studies. Unlike other natural appetite suppressants, saffron has been subjected to a lot of research, with results published in leading scientific and medical papers.

Among the most significant findings regarding saffron appetite suppressant are the following:

  • Those who take saffron supplements report a 55% decrease in their snacking and food binge
  • The urge to eat between meals can decrease by as much as 84%. Studies also show that this has a significant effect on reducing people’s urge to snack the following day.
  • It’s also been shown that saffron extract cuts back sugar needs and cravings by nearly 80%

What makes saffron even more effective is there aren’t any serious side effects reported with it. This is understandable since saffron is all-natural so there’s nothing artificial or harmful in it.

Saffron extract on its own doesn’t have adverse side effects, but some of these saffron supplements may produce side effects like dry mouth, dizziness, headache or drowsiness. These symptoms are temporary however, and only a few people actually get affected with it.

Other Health Benefits

Aside from weight loss, saffron extract also helps relieve PMS symptoms, based on a study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2008. According to the report, participants took saffron supplements for a couple of menstrual cycles and reported a decrease in symptoms. This study has since been supported by other researchers in the field.

Saffron extract label

In addition to relieving PMS symptoms, saffron has properties that help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, insomnia, heartburn and cough. Furthermore, it doesn’t conflict with most medications, although of course you should consult your doctor first before taking this supplement if you have a serious health condition.

Where To Buy The Best Saffron Extract Supplement?

There are a lot of products available with saffron, and many of them are available online. Just type “where to buy saffron extract” and you’re sure to find more than a few vendors selling one. Regardless which one you choose, it’s important that you buy from the official website.

Because saffron is so popular, numerous bogus products have appeared online, so it’s essential you buy only from a secure website. Furthermore, buying from the official site ensures you get a money back guarantee.