How Listening to Music Can Curb your Appetite

Music and weight loss

Facebook1Google+0Twitter0Pinterest0 In the process of losing weight and improving one’s health, there are the usual procedures like getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, decreasing calorie intake, and choosing healthier foods.  Nonetheless, one obstacle remains in the search for a permanent lifestyle change, and that is the almighty APPETITE. It can sneak up […]

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How to Speed Up Metabolism Naturally

Build muscle to speed up metabolism

Facebook0Google+0Twitter0Pinterest0Knowing how to speed up metabolism has been the objective of fitness buffs everywhere, but it’s not that easy because success depends on how quickly your body burns calories and how many calories you put in. While it’s true that metabolism slows down as you age, there are ways you can speed it up naturally. […]

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Foods That Suppress Appetite Naturally

Green tea helps reduce appetite

Facebook0Google+0Twitter0Pinterest0You don’t need be a health fitness buff or nutritionist to know that eating a nutritious and well balanced diet is essential to healthy living. Yet how do you go about stopping those hunger cravings? While there are pills available that can do this, many people are wary of taking them since there’s no telling […]

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